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Mobile Welding

We provide mobile weldng for all types of metals includng aluminum.  We are specialists in mobile TIG (heliarc, GTAW) welding of race cars, high vacuum components, and other critical assemblies.

Prototype and short-run welding TIG/MIG welding

We specialize in prototype TIG  (heliarc, GTAW) welding and repair of difficult assemblies, aluminum, and rare metals. If others say it can't be done, we may be able to do it.  We can join metals down to about .005" thick with TIG and .0005" with RSW.

Micro-RSW welding

We have equipment and tooling to resistance spot weld (RSW) material down to.0005" thick.  We specialize in RSW welding of tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, platinum, Kovar, moly-rhenium, zirocnium, and other difficult-to-join metals.  Of course we can also RSW weld stainless steel, steel, and other common metals.

Torch Brazing/soldering

We are highly experienced in torch brazing (silver brazing) and torch soldering.  With these processes we can join virtually any metal or combinations of metals including brass.

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