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Welding, Brazing, Soldering

Aerospace, Medical Device, Electron Tube, Construction, Racing
Training and Certification

Fusion Technology conducts training and certification for all types of welding, including laser and RSW. We also  provide training for soldering, resistance brazing, torch brazing, and helium leak detection.

weld inspection
Welding Inspection

We offer AWS certifed on-site welding inspection for construction sites and fabrication shops.  Along with inspection we can also.  


Fusion Technology provides consultation for all types of welding, micro-welding, brazing and soldering.  We specialize in applications for high vacuum, electron beam, and medical devices, but also work on large scale welding for construction, automotive, racing, etc.

welding inspection
Prototype and mobile welding and brazing

Fusion Technology  provides prototype and mobile welding of all metals.  We offer mobile TIG welding of aluminum, and RSW joining of material down to .001" thick.

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